29 August 2009

laura: the beginning

let's start from the beginning. december 2005. this is the video i saw...

it propelled me to her myspace site, then to purchasing the album on itunes. ktp and i would listen for hours, mostly playing "galaxies" over and over. "32 plays?! obsess much?" before long i had other favorites on the album. each song appealed to me for a separate reason.

28 August 2009

a week for laura

laura veirs has done a lot for me the last few days. the last few weeks, actually. my love was rekindled as dave and i drove home from vegas.
she is spectacular. she makes my life better. this week has been full of blessings. i have no right to complain, and laura keeps me from doing so. when i wish i could fill the air with laughter or conversation or the mere presence of the one i love, i fill it with laura's soft chords.
seven days devoted to her...

this is possibly my favorite song from her latest album. i don't know if i can choose favorites with her. that may be like choosing a favorite sibling.

26 August 2009

the plate: conclusion

i returned home from lake powell to a brown kohler's sac marked "for jade". inside of the paper bag was a plastic grocery bag. inside the grocery bag, my white plate. now it is washed and mixed in with the other seven. no one will ever know which it is.

now the ties are cut completely. it is good.

13 August 2009

press release

today i bought a blizzard at dairy queen. in high school i used to eat dipped cones with liz after work. other than that, i don't like dairy queen. what i do like is giving. today was miracle treat day. i didn't enjoy the ice cream very much, but i did enjoy feeling like local children in need of miracles gained as my stomach was filled.

all good works should be reported. philanthropists are nothing unless they tell everyone.

also, one of my life goals is to donate $100,000 to charity. i'm wondering if that should be a lump sum or if i should start keeping track of small contributions and shoot for reaching the goal by the end of my life.

"if living is giving,
i'm ready. i'm willing."

"i'm thinking about how i just want to open up
and give and give and give."

11 August 2009

work is slow

and i am so bored.
new computer. bosses in meetings. 2 phone calls so far all day.

so i composed some emails and looked through my gmail account. i found many interesting things. this included... (c. november 2005)

Things that have changed my life (in no particular order)
-August 30, 2002
-David Bradley Mitchell and Lauren (Anne) Holley
-my first honest crush in three years
-a July conversation concerning absinth, attraction, attachment and agnosticism
-sigur ros and takk...
-a medical examination by Dr. Markel

A few of my favorite things...
dancing at shows. pale pink fingernails. artichokes. balanced checkbooks. color coded calendars. perks. sharing books with lauren. ready made. analyzing lyrics. i am sam. boba. a mom who remembers. volvos and saabs. naps. places for everything. rainbow closets. pearls. receiving emails and letters. photography. layers. woodburning fireplaces. life plans. curled eyelashes. large deposits. new music. knitting. lindsay gardens. clearance. a's on late night papers. kickin' it dorm style. random phone calls. the smell of dust in the furnace. crashing on couches. traveling with friends. experimenting with fruit in kitchen. music from my past. lists. martha stewart tendencies. fortune cookies. new friends. understanding. pats on the back. long drives seasoned with good conversation. otsumami. the crunching sound of fresh snow under my feet. nicknames.

i guess a lot has changed, and not much at all. those events are still important. and i still like most of those things.

soon i'm going to clean out my external hard-drive. expect treasures.

kalaar is kewl

read her

love her

of the weekend


i cannot count the number of times dave and i listened to this song.

latest decision my life faces: come home from the lake on thursday to see okkervil river and iron and wine play the twilight concert series. or stay with my family in an overcrowded (cozy) houseboat until saturday.

from the speakers your fake masterpiece comes serenely dribbling.

08 August 2009

also, this week i have discovered that there are things that i resent. i used to resent nothing. i'm not sure about the change.

the realization hit me as keith and i heard "beverly hills" play on our way to the airport. i resent that that is weezer's most listened to track.
i resent feeling controlled by another's decisions. do not put walls between me and those i want to speak to. do not let your actions decide what i can and cannot do, what is and is not appropriate. it is never inappropriate for me to care.

i want to call her and hug her and hear her cry. she was a role-model and i loved her.

this week we will listen to jazz. and remember.