30 October 2009

another reason we love cody. he shares cool things like this...

thank you, dear.

(also watch the two associate videos. kind of like the making of.)

08 October 2009

i forgot how much i love this video until today.

this is what happened. i woke up with flight of the conchords: "foux de fa fa" in my head. it stayed until this afternoon when i used grooveshark to listen to the the new zealand duo singing it, instead of continuing to listen to myself attempting to. the song reminded me of the feel of kings, especially songs like "cayman islands" and "misread". so i started listening to the album riot on an empty street and then came to watching the video. it is spectacular.

05 October 2009

cody is a real boy

"...For there is nothing which is good save it comes from the Lord..."-Omni 1:25

Have I told you lately how blessed I am? How wonderful my life is? How happy things are? I am incredibly blessed, blessed beyond that which I deserve. My life is extraordinarily wonderful; I have wonderful friends, wonderful family, and a wonderful fiance. Things are super happy. Super duper happy. I know that it all comes from one place. Heavenly Father loves me so much! He has given me so much. I need to be more grateful. I must find out how I can truly "offer [my] whole soul as an offering unto Him." (Omni 1: 26)

Cody was in town a bit more than a week ago. His parents were here too, for his younger brother's ordination to the office of an elder. The Kirks are spectacular. I love them, especially their middle son.

02 October 2009

yesterday i wore uggs all day. autumn is officially here. the thought thrills me. this is my favorite time of the year. everything is so crisp, colours are so rich, layers are so legit.

my summer music ventures were interesting, very interesting, because june 15 marked my reentry. i had left that part of life, or stepped one foot out, placing it smack dab in the middle of the best of religious hits. i'd like to think that i dove back into that which i used to love so much head first. i don't know. maybe my tastes are skewed. i mean, i did listen to mc hot dog on the way to work today.

summer playlists. in order of discovery/obsession/over-heating on my itunes...
where are you go-go-going: loney, dear (the first song i listened to after being released. i'd hate to be sacriligious, but it was spiritual.)
glory: 12 girls band
寶貝(in a day): 張懸 (taiwanese!)
pogo: digitalism (the first "new" song i found.)
kim & jessie: m83
gobbledigook: sigur ros (reintroduction to ardor.)
shake it: metro station (i love this song. i cannot deny it.)
love game: lady gaga (guilty pleasure #2. janelle hates me for this.)
good old fashioned nightmare: matt & kim
kids: mgmt
beauty us: dogs die in hot cars
little bit: lykke li
signs: bloc party
home: edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros
(my favorite song of the summer!)
i gotta feeling: black eyed peas (clara!)
something for the good boys: dogs die in hot cars
electric feel: mgmt
l.e.s. artistes: santogold
(cheeky squeaky.)
if i was a boy: beyonce (not guilty.)
skinny love: bon iver (first concert. ecstacizing.)
ce jeu: yelle (theme song of summer.)
piece of wood: youth group ("we'll make it through summer" mix, never delivered.)
annie use your telescope: jack's mannequin
evident utensil: chairlift
bruises: chairlift
our life is not a movie or maybe: okkervil river
(david. las vegas.)
we own the sky: m83
mango tree: angus, julia stone (brendan.)
she doesn't get it: the format (chloe/petty powell party.)
back to you: coconut records (tucson. love.)
cast a hook: laura veirs
wrecking: laura veirs
tiny birds: yo la tengo
(trip to lake powell.)
pablo and andrea: yo la tengo
peach, plum, pear (joanna newsome cover): final fantasy
(u of u campus.)
folding chair: regina spektor (avenues street fair.)
eet: regina spektor
1910: phoenix
lasso: phoenix

the fall playlist has started. featuring new man: desert sounds, daniel: bat for lashes, the unicorns and bon iver.
yes, this season will be grand.

01 October 2009

"Doogie Howser, M.D." was my favorite television show. In kindergarten I knew I would marry Doogie or someone just like him. I probably closed my eyes and pretended my victim was wearing a white lab coat as I ran around playing "kissy tag" on the Lowell E.S. playground.

Now Neil Patrick Harris is out of the closet. And I'm marrying Cody. I'm sure that we're both happier this way.