30 November 2009

what are you thankful for? pt. 2

i'm thankful for...
-cody and everything about him
-my mission
-parents who love and support me
-cute little sisters
-great, patient friends
-loving family
-the word of god
-numerous means of communication, esp. skype
-weekly meals
-not worrying about the future
-opportunities to learn

25 November 2009

what are you thankful for? pt. 1

i love this. look at how happy people are when they talk about what they are grateful for!

24 November 2009

give thanks

this afternoon i noticed something that i'm certain i do on a regular basis. it's awful...

my car was almost out of gas. seriously, running on fumes. the "range" display told me that i had 0 miles until empty. i was several miles from the costco where i intended to fill my tank. i drove impatiently, practically throwing my arms up, my head back and my voice out each time i hit a red light or too turtle-like vehicle. i hoped and prayed and prayed that i would make it to the pump.
i made it. i filled the 4runner, and made it to work on time. all quite miraculous. i realized as i drove toward econova that i had prayed and prayed (pleaded) that Heavenly Father would save me from sitting on the side of the road, waiting for someone to rescue me with a gas can. i had prayed. God had delivered. i had not thanked.

it happens all the time. i pray for little miracles, receive them, then think that it they happened by my own effort or by coincidence or thanks to some other outside force. i have decided to be more mindful of the blessings i am given. everything is a blessing. and all of it comes from above. what a wonderful time to work harder at giving appropriate thanks to He who provides.

22 November 2009

we write poetry

here's one of my recent haikus...

concentrate passion
like overly rich grape juice
please, stain my white shirt


i constantly wish cody was here.
it is the worst feeling, and the greatest.

the good news is...
last time he was in town some mix ups with flights put him onto one that was overbooked and scheduled to fly out much later than he had hoped. having already missed the day's classes, he opted for an extra night with me and a $400 travel voucher from delta and gave his seat up.
we just used the voucher to buy the means to see each other.

this wednesday evening i fly to phoenix. his parents will pick me up and together we will drive to tucson for thanksgiving. the following monday i will fly home.

the friday after that cody will come to salt lake city. his classes finish the day prior, so he'll stay into the following week, joining us for new food wednesday on tuesday! wednesday morning he'll fly back. (thank you too full flight!)

eight days after cody's departure, thursday the 17th, i shall fly one way to tucson. we will both be finished with finals. my home will be prepared for guest(s). cody's room will be boxed and placed in the back of his little suv. on friday we will make the 12 hour drive to the salt lake valley and cody will officially live in utah again!

less than four weeks until he moves here. and we'll have nine whole days and ten whole nights together in between.

perfect prep for a wonderful christmas season.

also, wedding in four months! (then we won't have to live in different cities!)

19 November 2009

suupppeeeerrrrr BORED.

my mind refuses to sit still. that would be okay, if i didn't have a million things to do. i am incapable of accomplishing on this day.

what have i done since i came to work? chatted with chanen, filed a bit, read a few emails, read a million articles on nutrition (foods mentioned over and over: fish, soy, almonds, oatmeal. i like all of those!), talked with cody, cleaned up my google reader. that's about it. i feel good about the nutrition research (yesterday and today obesity was discussed in two different classes).

i have an hour left, and then i will be off of work. you should spend 8 minutes of my hour reading this. emily dickinson, quoted from a conversation with thomas wentworth higginson, 1870.

"If I read a book [and] it makes my whole body so cold no fire ever can warm me I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way.
How do most people live without any thoughts. There are many people in the world (you must have noticed them in the street) How do they live. How do they get strength to put on their clothes in the morning.
When I lost the use of my Eyes it was a comfort to think there were so few real books that I could easily find some one to read me all of them.
Truth is such a rare thing it is delightful to tell it.
I find ecstasy in living - in mere sense of living is joy enough."

[my favorite parts are bolded.]

i want to make your body cold and take off the top of your head. maybe one day i'll have a room where i can write like that.

i like emily d. because she was a rebel. she didn't act as society prescribed. she was unconventional. cody and i prefer to throw convention to the wind (in our little ways. actually, we are probably quite conventional. he opens the door for me and stuff.).

if you have the interest, read "Because I could not stop for Death". my classmate, brett, and i came up with an awesome argument based on that poem. i like to discuss literature; it makes my ideas bolder (melanie tells me that i'm not brave enough in papers).

18 November 2009

"her thoughts flew out her ears and lit up the skies like fireflies..."

01 November 2009

recent countdowns

my life used to revolve around whatever big event was coming up. high school led to graduation. freshman year to iceland. sophomore year to the mtc. the mtc to taiwan...
i still look toward upcoming events. but the countdowns i celebrate now are different.

the countdown i'm currently in orbit around in cody's next trip to salt lake city. 4 DAYS.
other countdowns we're working on...
thanksgiving in tucson. 3 WEEKS 3 DAYS.
cody moves to utah after finals. 6 WEEKS.
we are married. 4 MONTHS 3 WEEKS.
summer internship somewhere. 6 MONTHS.
i graduate from the u/we move to tucson. 9 MONTHS.
cody graduates from ua. 18 MONTHS.

i like living life this way. i like having things to look forward to. my favorite countdowns right now are the ones involving cody coming north. friday morning couldn't get here faster.