21 December 2009

teaching haikus

for one of my classes about teaching/education we had to do a brief, creative presentation on what we learned this semester. i convinced my group to write haikus.

this is what we learned about urban education...

white man does not care
urban youth are in distress
inner city mess

change is in our minds
caring teachers save the day
reaching out to them

ps- as of 11:19 today i am officially finished with this semester. yes.

17 December 2009

in celebration...

"it's been quite of a while since i could experience your brightness.
now you've got a brighter smile and i think i'm going to like it.
talking 'bout the better things, you know how to maximize.
everything around you will become super-sized."

i think this is my favorite picture of cody and i.

he knows that i love croquet. so he gave me a portable croquet set to follow us on our many adventures around the world. isn't he wonderful?

16 December 2009


"i waited a long, long time.
i waited a long, long time."

since august 17 i've waited for this day to come. four long months. tomorrow is it. i can think of nothing else. studying lit terms is futile.

tomorrow i'll take my last in class final. (blast my stupid chinese take home!) i'll go home and pack a tiny bag and finish tidying up. i'll eat lunch with my beloved clara. she'll drive me to the airport. i'll fly to tucson. cody and i will drive north together.

cody is moving to utah! hooray!

13 December 2009

it's true. i do love mandi and clara and david and wyatt and lauren and whitney and cody and many others. i am blessed immensely with wonderful people in my life.

during summer, my friend told me that i raped the meaning of the words "favorite" and "best" by overuse. but, i mean, really, can you have too many favorites? can you have too many bests? his argument was that superlatives signify singularity. my argument is that having many many favorite songs and a dozen best friends increases my happiness.

(i just remembered that on my mission i was accused of the same thing. it's interesting the labels you are marked with by people you see a few times a week in the mission field, or companions that spend six continuous weeks at your side.)

12 December 2009

Mandi Is My Favorite

I just want to let everyone know how much I love my friend Mandi. She is wonderful.** I blog so much about Cody that I've neglected to mention how wonderful Mandi and Clara are.

** OK So Jade's account was pulled up when I went to post on my blog... but I bet she really does think I'm wonderful.

10 December 2009

merry christmas. love, band aid 20.

way cool that they redid the song twenty years later. way cool that the involved are exclusively british artists. way cool that they found awesome people to participate (thom yorke, lead singer of travis, the thrills, girl from s club 7, lead singer of ash, robbie williams, chris martin, keane, lead singer of the darkness).

there was also a band aid ii. they released a track in 1989 (five years after the original). it wasn't very good, so i won't waste your time.

09 December 2009

one reason my life is super awesome

i don't know that i've ever laughed so hard, so many ways, so much.