31 March 2010

most importantly

is jónsi not one of the most talented men you know?

i regret that i haven't yet listened to more of his solo album. i regret even more that he is skipping over salt lake city, and i cannot find it in the budget to see his tour stop in denver.

i will not regret posting this song prior to posting about my fresh, new, green marriage.

16 March 2010

sunday morning cody and i watched the news as we ate our continental breakfasts (at a hotel in mesa). every story was horrible. natural disaster. corrupt utahn politicians. lesbians being kept from proms (one good thing- associated philanthropy). serial killers disguising themselves as photographers.

this song went through my head, so i listened to it in the shower.

Handsome Boy Modeling School - The World's Gone Mad
Video Codes at www.blastro.com

"the world's gone bad
we've lost the love we've had."
yesterday i saw my grandma and aunt. both of them told me that this is my week.

i feel selfish. i feel anxious. i feel anticipation. i feel very much in love. joyful. stressed. a little worried.

my grammy took the entire week off so that she can cater to my every whim. i tested it out successfully this afternoon. we ended up with four perfect ties.
shawna has planned her week according to decorating plans.
aunt robyn took the week off to help in any way possible.

i feel blessed. tired.

i want it all to finally happen. and then i want to fly to vancouver and relax.
and i want to be as generous as the people i know and love. i feel grateful and inadequate. undeserving.

09 March 2010


i'm very into these things...

miike snow. especially the song "burial".
32 cent cups of hot water. (i bring my own tea to school.)
the field house.
communication via email.
checking things off of lists.
pandora and grooveshark.
creating a semblance of a home in the basement.
searching for a swimsuit.
increasing my sell/donate/throw-away piles.
dreams of summer semester.

written 8 january 2010

i found this in my post list. i never finished it.

i'm sorry that my first post of 2010 was about male celebrities' wedding bands. kind of lame.

2009 was a spectacular year. it may have been the year in which i have grown up most.

i began the year in jiayi, serving with sister chen, sister hornberger and sister pickering. we watched and loved amazing investigators. luo qianrong was baptized. chen huirong, zhang wanting, chen xiaojie, and luo yiling set baptismal dates. in may i moved to the area where i started my mission, gaoxiong city. sister zhong and i made my last four weeks great. i am so grateful for the people i met in taiwan. my companions were patient and loving, my investigators were gracious and wonderful, president and sister hsu helped me to become a woman. i'm stuggling to write about and describe the experience. just know that i would not trade it for anything.

i boarded a plane to return to the us on june 15. life has been a whirlwind since. the first week home was tumultuous. the transition into real life was much different than i expected. i was looking for easing my way into a warm bath. things felt more like jumping into a summer swimming pool. maybe things were better that way. i felt an amazing outpouring of love from my family and friends. i realized how much i missed them all, and how i had forgotten to interact with those close to me. they helped me along. life turned and turned. out of town visitors. new computer/phone and reintroduction to texting and google chat. trip to philadelphia with dad. clubbing with janelle. expedited move to salt lake city. in my lap job at econova. mandi. clara. dave. wyatt. all leading up to late july when my world flipped around.

cody kirk was the handsome mtc teacher. his first letter came unexpectedly my second move call in taiwan. my companion at the time, sister juang, talked me into responding. letters came once a month from then on. when i returned home, i bravely facebooked him (he had been added earlier by my friend and mother). we corresponded a bit until he made it to utah july 26. a couple of days later we met up. then the next night, and the next. he invited me to tucson. i found a way to go. the two weeks in between his time in utah and my trip to arizona we communicated regularly. my three days in tucson were excellent, too good to end. so we decided to get married. i had been home from my mission two months.

from that point 2009 was different. no longer a semester of socializing and playing the field, but a semester of scheming and planning and dreaming. we managed to see each other about every three weeks, and got by on google chat and skype in the interim. he met my family labor day weekend and lake powell, and they loved him immediately. i met his family gradually throughout trips to az. over fall break in october i received my official engagement ring (i still stare at it sometimes). thanksgiving was spent with the kirks. december 17 he moved up here. we spent christmas break jumping from family to family. christmas with the ozawas. new year's eve in vegas. and here we are now: he in provo, i in salt lake city.

two thousand ten is our year. we're in the same state for the first time since our friendship began nineteen months ago. cody is currently attending byu as a visiting student at the j. reuben clark law school. i am finishing my psychology degree at the u of u and will graduate in august. we'll be married on march 20. pretty much everything else is unknown. typically i'd be freaking out a bit, but things are great and are going to be great.

i haven't finished my official resolution list. i've started some of my goals, but have a lot to do...
-get married.
-graduate from the u.
-exercise more.
-read the norton anthology of english literature "the great authors".
-get a 4.0 my last two semester.
-use coupons and cook.
-declutter. sell and donate what i don't use/need.
-write an email to a friend each day/be a better communicator.

resolution update:
-marriage still on.
-graduation in sight.
-i frequent the field house and see a visible difference. the last couple of weeks i haven't gone as much (i blame wedding planning). i have made cody vow to go with me at least 5 days a week.
-haven't kept up on my "page per day" goal.
-school is going well.
-the first meal i would deem truly successful was prepared the week before last. luckily, i've received awesome cookbooks as shower gifts.
-decluttering is super-duper.
-communication still lucky.

i think i'll make some april on resolutions.