05 May 2010

i seem to reach a point when studying after which my head turns off. this is happening with increasing frequency. i get antsy and a.d.d. (not to take any psychological disorder lightly, but you understand...) and i can think of a million things other than cultural differences in adultery and the "paradox of singlehood".

my test is in two hours. and then i have another that i haven't started to study for tomorrow morning.

and then i'm done with the semester.

next semester's schedule...
pilates, mat, circuit and reformer [m-h morning]
darkroom photography [m & w morning (half semester)]
digital photography [t & h evening]
survey of clinical psych [w night]
yoga [t night]
fitness for life [online]

weekly meetings with the professor heading the social psych project i'm working on + semi-weekly focus groups, data analysis, survey coding, etc.
three hours/week at juvenile justice services observation and assessment girls' unit
(hopefully) a few hours/week in a clinical psych lab (please professors, let me help you even though i am not a graduate student...)
bike rides, hikes, photography, picnics, delicious meals, my last season of slc new food wednesday, deep cleaning the apartment and selling/giving away/throwing away a lot of junk, hanging around the field house, twilight series concerts, a few roadtrips, visiting every temple in utah...

please let it be summer semester already.
and please let me score the 4.0 i'm shooting for.
and please, brain, give me a little more focus.