31 December 2010

you know those days that are full of joy and rosiness?
that was my tuesday.

nothing but love and harmony flowing between my husband and me.
it was glorious.

i hope that next year is filled with like days.

27 December 2010


long overdue.

what did i learn during the 30 days of 80's tunes?

  • 80's alternative is much better than the crap we have on the radio these days.
  • the aesthetic standards of our time are much more rigid than those of the past. we now have really good looking entertainers with zero talent. in the 80's pop-stars didn't need to fit the molds we have today.
  • listening to music from my childhood/past is comforting and makes me happy.
  • i am grateful for my musically hip parents.

11 December 2010

tunes: day 30

the final selection. one of my all-time favorites. possibly my favorite song ever, and this blog's namesake.

i cannot say enough good things about this song. i feel like it has inspired my music tastes.

great lines to listen for:
"perhaps someone you know could sparkle and shine"
"and i love you"
"shooting stars around your heart"
"don't sell the dreams you should be keeping"
"where feelings not reasons can make you decide"
"as leaves fall down, splash autumn on gardens"
"look at me with starry eyes, push me up to starry skies"
"if love's the truth then look no lies
and let me swim around your eyes
i've found a place i'll never leave
shut my mouth and just believe
love is the truth i realize
not a stream of pretty lies
to use us up and waste our time"

10 December 2010

tunes: day 29

i'd be remiss to not post a depeche mode song.
i could post many. i love them and have for a long time, but i choose this song because i remember stealing my parents' cd to listen to it over and over. as i listened i'd picture the hands from labyrinth.

09 December 2010

tunes: day 28

this song is going through my head at this very moment.

a lot of music i loved in my childhood was sung by flamboyant men, or loved by flamboyant men (abc, erasure, pet shop boys, etc.). i went through a phase in elementary school in which i only listened to erasure. i choreographed a dance to each song in their album wild!. i had a show planned, complete with costume changes, hair and make-up, and an intimate audience of my family, grandparents and closest friends. i made sure that each piece would fit in our living room. the show, unfortunately, never happened.

check out andy bell's hot little dance moves...

08 December 2010

tunes: day 27

one of the first music videos i remember seeing. and one of the first 80's songs i remember liking separate from my parents.

07 December 2010

tunes: day 26

this is my favorite tears for fears song.
my mom has pictures of herself hanging out with the band. i thought it was so cool and told myself that i would grow up to be a girl that hung out with bands. in elementary school, i aspired to be a groupie.

Tears for Fears Sowing the Seeds of Love
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janelle once mentioned to me that this song has a sound reminiscent of the beatles. i didn't realize it was such a controversy until searching for this video. from my youtube research, quite a few people with too much time on their hands are very upset with this form of "plagiarism".

06 December 2010

tunes: day 25

packing up my many cameras reminded me of this song.

i used to think it was so silly. i still do...

05 December 2010

tunes: day 24

the last new songs i've posted i don't have any specific memory of. maybe my brain is just frazzled.

today's song...

where is pete burns today? here.

04 December 2010

tunes: day 23

we had some interesting cars when we first moved to vegas. the favorite was a huge lincoln town car, lovingly nicknamed "the beast". these days only had tape players, so we'd listen to my parents old tapes as we drove around. my mom found a tape that my dad made for her when they were dating. this was one of my favorite songs on it...

03 December 2010


...as i pack boxes and cody packs brains.

a haiku written three days into our marriage. on a bus from the ferry to victoria's city center.

we are safe to say-
pleasure and joy have become
synonymous now.

during our first post-mission meeting, cody and i discussed man's search for happiness and confusion between joy and pleasure.

tunes: 22

cody studies all day every day lately. total goody two shoes.

i'm really loving adam ant's style. i'd like to borrow his jacket.

02 December 2010

tunes: 21

poll: do you think i can convince cody to let me do his make up?

01 December 2010

tunes: 19, 20

well guys, i'm slipping. the reality of moving and the end of the semester is setting in and i'm engulfed by items on my to-do list.
i forgot to write yesterday, as i spent all day on a final paper.

this first video is not an song from the 80's, but one of my favorite songs by a band made popular in the 80's. i grew up with lots of new order in my house. i used to get them mixed up with depeche mode. not any more. i choose this song for november 30 because the paper i wrote that day mentioned feeling delicate.

New Order - Crystal
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i really love the video.

for today's song... "she drives me crazy" by fine young cannibals. a. their band name is awesome. b. cody is buried in law school books and outlines and stress. i'm trying my hardest not to drive him crazy. i spent this evening sequestered in our bedroom.