31 January 2010

the last weekend of january

the last weekend of january 2006: larson ended our little relationship.
the last weekend of january 2007: kyle broke off our engagement.
the last weekend of january 2008: i found safe haven in the walls of the mtc.
the last weekend of january 2009: i was concerned about the investigators of jiayi.
the last weekend of january 2010: cody have me flowers to celebrate "not-gonna-break-up-with-you-sucka day".

he is too wonderful. far too wonderful for me.

"life is a test. you are like a cheat sheet.
if life were a math test, you would be my ti-10000.
if life were a geography test, you would be my geosafari.
if life were a spelling bee, you'd be my dictionary iphone app."
yesterday evening cody and i attempted to take our engagement photos.

david is our photographer and friend. he is spectacular. mandi is our moral support and best critic. we love her dearly.

the problem is/was that we are not able to be serious enough to take a real photograph together. we have a few snapshots that our family and friends have taken, but none on our cameras. we just can't do it.

the shoot was said to be a disappointment, but david has hope that at least a few of the thousand he shot will be worthy to be seen by others. i have hope too.

cody left early last night. so, naturally, i redbox-ed bright star. lovely.

25 January 2010

at work i have a new computer, with...

functioning speakers
windows 07/microsoft office that works
access to all company files
faster internet

life is good.

also, today i emailed from 1:50 to 3:20 straight. almost all having to do with wedding plans. this is the life.

21 January 2010

one of my favorite things

...about my friends is being able to sit next to them and say sarcastic remarks under my breath. they laugh or respond with something more silly or sardonic. we get each other.

my classes this semester are kind of hard to get through because i'm friendless. last semester i had mates to snicker with.
in psychology i have one. but he's kind of a child and shows up haphazardly.

better news: my dress arrived at the dress shop and cody's suit arrived at my house. on the same day!

14 January 2010


for you and yours...

13 January 2010

i miss. . .

waking up at 6:20am, walking the long way to the track at the elementary school, jogging for 20 minutes then walking home. listening to sister pickering's music as we stretched, lifted weights and did crunches. pedaling hard, smiling widely, talking to everyone. visiting members, serving investigators, teaching god's children. eating spring rolls, drinking peiya xiannai, explaining that i don't drink tea, being served fruit in every home. chatting as we biked home, checking the mail (knowing i'd receive a letter), praying, planning, having a routine. feeling good.

i missed all of this so much my heart ached this morning.

so instead i...
studied a talk by elder holland. killed my abdomen in a pilates work out, drove quickly to work and stayed for seven hours. checked seven things off of my to-do list and marked six items "in progress" (they are dependent upon responses from/action of others), sent five emails about wedding stuff, sent nine other emails with various purposes, printed everything i need for class this week and next. completed my first homework assignment of the semester, wrote a list of homework i have to do, edited a log of parts from 2007. listened to my coworkers vent. discovered my two new favorite songs: get up, get up, get up by barcelona and mouthful of diamonds by phantogram.

later i will...
fill my car with gas, deposit two checks. eat southern style food with friends, discuss engagement photos. file important documents, increase my pile of d.i./for sale items, fold clothes. read from my research methods text. talk to my mom.

nothing is as fulfilling as my mission was.
but life is good. god never ceases to pour blessings into my days.

03 January 2010

i absolutely love seeing male celebrities wearing wedding rings.
i couldn't care less about the female celebrities, but when i see men in the entertainment business wearing rings on their left hands i feel warm.

i realized this when i saw bobby mcferrin's wedding band.