15 February 2010

have you heard the song "rude boy"?

i mean, really? this stuff is on the radio?

remember when rihanna sang about umbrellas and companionship.

10 February 2010

my observational research project of the semester

Many have individual fears concerning public restrooms. They are often poorly kept, covered in used paper towls, sprinkled with unknown fluids, and permeated with an unpleasant aroma. But, what leaves these restrooms may be more frightening than what is found inside of them. How often does one notice his or her fellow water closet patron emerge from a stall and immediately exit the restroom? He or she has completely skipped past the short row of sinks eagerly waiting to be used. He or she has wholly forgotten (or chosen not) to scrub and sanitize his or her hands. The thought of what bacteria may join this person out the door can be enough to bring the toughest of stomachs to upset. Consider another scenario. A man comes out from a bathroom stall and turns directly to the door out. Out of the corner of his eye he sees another man standing in front of a sink at the far end of the restroom. As the man headed out of the restroom's head turns, his eyes meet those of the handwasher. His route is reevaluated, and he promptly finds himself lathering his hands under a stream of running water. Can the presence of another cause such a shift in a public restroom user? The purpose of this study is to examine exactly that. What type of effect does an observer have on a restroom patron's handwashing behavior?

Prepare to be grossed out, as we practice some innocent voyeurism in University of Utah restrooms.

09 February 2010

06 February 2010

this weekend is wonderful.
but lonely and long.

i am blessed and surrounded by spectacular people in my life.

02 February 2010

the scent that lingers...

sometimes (to often) when i smell smoke from cigarettes (at shows, on campus, walking down the street, etc.) i am flooded with memories of las vegas. it makes me homesick for a place i hate to refer to as home.

consequently, i have come to enjoy small (small!) servings of secondhand smoke.