15 April 2010


-i'm wearing pre-mission jeans.
---actually, they are jeans from my junior year of high school. they are volcom. i like them. mostly i like that i'm fitting in them.
-i didn't go to class. i'm trying to get things done before i go to the doctor.
-i have driven cody to trax, showered, trimmed my finger and toe nails, made our bed, eaten leftover pesto pasta for breakfast.
-i have not finished my article summary and thought questions (due asap), finished my hand hygiene research paper (due tomorrow am), put on make-up or done my hair, finished putting away wedding gifts, organized my massive d.i./craigslist pile.
-i have been completely distracted by the internet, our purple camera and my chest of drawers.
-i will do all listed behind "i have not", make dinner for my great-grandparents, visit the girls at o & a (where i volunteer), finish baking the complicated lemon cookies i started a few days ago, watch the newest episode of modern family with my husband (fingers crossed).

follow up

i spent a week listening to only jonsi's new album when i was at work. (npr streamed it for free until it was released on the 6th.)
i should have told you all earlier to book it to the npr website and listen. it is spectacular.
cody says that it sounds just like sigur ros. i say that it's different. there is a different type of happiness (maybe because jonsi's boyfriend, alex, was heavily involved). i really like that jonsi is singing in english. i really like the combination of simplicities and complexities.

on monday we were at graywhale records. i saw go staring me in the face. i think i started bouncing as i asked cody, "can we get it?" i told him it was really important to me. *note: i don't really need to ask his permission to do what i want to, i just think it's funny to do, especially in front of people. it hasn't stopped playing in my car since.

my favorite song right now is "tornado".
Tornado .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

my only criticism is that jonsi has glammed himself up. maybe he's on the brink of selling out completely. i hope not.
jonsi then...

jonsi with alex and their art...

they were on my flight from reykjavik to baltimore. radical.
jonsi now...

thank you spike

*check out the kid from degrassi. now he is a man.

13 April 2010


the kirzawas are blogging...


still under construction.
expect great things.

i haven't decided yet whether or not this is the death of this blog. it's too early to tell...

my current countdowns

fifteen minutes until this awful class ends.
a couple of days until we pick up the proofs and cds of our wedding photography.
9 days until cody finishes the semester.
12 days until our las vegas open house/seeing all of my sisters.
21 days until i finish taking accutane (forever).
23 days until i take my last final of the semester.
10 weeks until my five year high school reunion.
4 months until we pack up and move to tucson.
6 months until cody turns 26.
7 months until i turn 24.
8 months until we move again, to d.c. (hopefully).
8 months until i officially finish my undergraduate degree.
11 months + 1 week until our one year anniversary.

i am so glad that i no longer have to countdown weeks until i see cody.

12 April 2010

now i've wasted some time and will leave four minutes early to retrieve my love.

everyone should have the equivalent of a cody in his or her life. i'm convinced of this.

you don't know me

gareth, nichole and i used to have a contest as we walked to campus from the institute a few times a week. we counted the number of people we were able to say hi to. there was a point system involved:
head nod - 1 pt
wave + hello - 2 pts
high five - 3 pts
hug - 5 pts
whack on the bum - 30 pts
date arranged - 40 pts
kiss - 50 pts

as i walk around campus now, i realize that all of the people i used to know have gone and i don't care to meet the people that are here. having a long distance relationship turned me into a sort of hermit. it hasn't worn off.
yesterday in church cody looked at a young couple sitting across the aisle from us and said, "we can be friends with them." my immediate reply was, "no. we don't need more friends. we have married friends. we have mike and alyssa." then i realized what i had said and quickly turned to face him. "wait! what has happened to me? you are the antisocial one. i am the one eager to meet new people. we can't switch roles." cody smiled.

i need to become more friendly/outgoing/social/selfless before we move to arizona. i'm sure i'll shrivel up down there if i don't relearn how to make friends (and influence people).
i become very, very antsy when i'm waiting to see cody, whether it is waiting for him to come home, watching the clock to pick him up at trax, passing time before i go home or doing things around the house while he is still sleeping.

i'm at work. i'm bored. i can't focus. i'll leave here in 16 minutes and pick cody up ten minutes after that.

my limbs seem to be buzzing as i wait.
my psychology of love reading (on conflict, power and violence in relationships) is incredibly unappealing.
i've cleaned up my google reader.
i've listened to the music that interests me.
i've "worked".

now i wait.