10 June 2010

well, kids... sometimes i feel like my posts on the team kirzawa blog are a bit selfish. if they're on the team blog, shouldn't they be about the team? often they are about me, my silly thoughts, my music likes, etc. at times i feel that those types of posts should go onto this blog, but that means having two blogs-a married blog and an individual blog. that feels kind of like having two lives-a married life and an individual one. (weird how blogs can make you feel, you know? i feel so much closer to the people i blogstalk (old high school friends, random acquaintances, strangers across the country). the other day i even had a dream about babysitting someone i don't know's daughter. weird.)

so. moral of the story... it is probable that all blogging from here on out shall be at kirzawa.blogspot.com.
see you there!