08 March 2013

benefits of early rising

I've never been big on sleeping in. My body has never been big on sleeping in. Thank you, Circadian Rhythm! I hated this fact in high school, tried to rewrite it in college, accepted it as a newlywed, and now want to build on it.

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise."
- Benjamin Franklin

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There are a myriad of reasons I think waking early is great, some more opinion-based, others backed by science...

Waking with the sun is more in tune with most peoples' circadian rhythms. Keeping your sleep cycle in line with your rhythm will lead to better sleep and greater alertness during the day.
Mornings are quiet. Especially where I live. No sirens, few cars bustling about. This peace brings a type of clarity that can only be found in the am.
Mornings provide time to meditate, exercise, plan, organize, study, eat (healthy) breakfast. If I wait until later in the day, I never seem to get to these mood-boosting, healthy activities.
More time in the morning leads to less rush, less stress and more compassion. I don't know anyone who doesn't become at least a tinge irritable when they feel stressed and rushed. With ample time to prepare for morning appointments, I'm able to be more patient and kind to my husband and son.
Morning people are more proactive. In my mind proactivity equates with productivity. I feel much more productive when I wake early. It is so much easier to get going and I can get more done because there are fewer distractions.
"Morningness" is associated with being conscientious, agreeable, persistent and cooperative. Do I want to be all of those things? Yes, please.
Morning people get better grades. If starting my days early can contribute to better academic success where else may I become more successful?
Early mornings lead to more free-time in the evening. I have a bad procrastination habit. I would love to have more time for fun things once my husband is home from work, but I tend to wait until around dinner time to start feeling urgent about work projects and homework.

Are you convinced yet?

I love this list of successful people who wake up early.

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kylee said...

i seriously need to learn to be a morning person.